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All Tiled Spas have the following options ;

Type – Inground (Requires seperate filtration pack)
Construction – GRP (Fibreglass) 10-12mm in thickness   –   Barier layer of formulated resin to protect against Osmosis   –   Marine grade gel coat 
Frame – Stainless Steel
Insulation – High density 2 part foam 10mm in thickness
Water jets – 16 or 32 Jet options
LED Lights – Standard
Tiles – 20-25mm Glass or Ceramic mosaics
Cover – 12mm heat retention foam cover
Air jets – Air ring to seat edge

Tiled spa range

2.5mtr Round
5-6 Person
2.8mtr Antigua
7 Person
2.8mtr Cascade
7-8 Person
3.5mtr Round
8 Person
3.0mtr Square
8 Person
3.5mtr Ellipse
8-9 Person
3.5mtr Haiti
8-9 Person