Bali hot tub

Commercial hot tubs from Hypa spa

Bali spa

Travel to Asia in a hot tub

hot tub is more comfortable than an aeroplane, and the Bali model (honouring the island in the Indian Ocean) can create the perfect atmosphere for your guests to feel complete relaxationwellness and disconnection in its 3 metres of diameter. It is a built-in overflow hot tub, like all of the hot tubs in Aquavia Spa’s professional collection.

in ground commercial hot tub

Commercial hot tubs from hypa spa

If your business has the space, a good option is to buy a 9-person hot tub like this one, because it is spacious and has 3 slightly different arrangements of hydromassage jets for the back, all with hot air jets on the legs that use the Relax Impact System from Aquavia Spa. It includes an underwater white LED spotlight with the option of adding a multicoloured chromotherapy lamp. The jets and nozzles can also be upgraded to a stainless finish.
A professional always puts in a top performance

General specifications

  • Hot tub dimensions (cm):Ø 300
  • Number of hot tub positions (sitting / laying back):9 (9 / -)
  • Spas water volume (liters):290 l
  • Spa Weight: (empty – full):310 Kg / 2.600 Kg


  • Hot tub number of jets:18
  • Spa with air injectors:18
  • Hot tub with galvanized metal frame:Yes
  • Stainless Jets / Nozzles:Optional
  • White LED spotlight:1 LED
  • Spa with piezoelectric buttons:2
  • Overflowing spa:Yes
  • Compensation deposit:000 l.