Aqualife 7


Europe's most popular hot tub

The “big brother”, a spacious and multifunctional hot tub
Aqualife 7 by Aquavia spa is the largest hot tub in the Aqualife collection, and the most generous in terms of sacrificing seating positions for space. It is a 5-person hot tub, with one position configured as a fully-equipped lounger. The other 4 positions are comfortable seats with great added value: they are adjustable in terms of depth and inclination. If you want to buy a family hot tub that perfectly adapts to any user and any situation, the Aquavia Spa Aqualife 7 is for you.

Europe's most popular hot tub

In addition to the features of the other hot tubs in the collection, the Aqualife 7 by Aquavia spa has many more jets, 56 in total, as well as 2 waterfalls at neck level on two of the seats. The other three seats have headrests to add to their comfort. There are also different massage programs for a complete hydromassage of all the important points of the back, arms, buttocks, legs and feet, and accessories such as the three LED lights used for chromotherapy (2 more than the other models in the range).

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5 person heaven

General specifications

Hot tub dimensions (cm): 216 x 216 x 90 cm

Number of hot tub positions (sitting / laying back): 5 (4 / 1)

Hot tub volume of water (litres): 1.180 l.

Weight of the hot tub: (empty/full): 306 Kg / 1.486 Kg

Hot tub massage pump: 2 x 1.800 W / 2,5 CV

Hot tub filtration pump: 250 W

Hot tub electric heating: 3.000 W

Power required: Low Amp (W) / (A) up to 230 V: 4.000 W / 17,4 A

Hot tub voltage: 230 V / 400 V III




Hot tub number of jets: 54

Hot tub with headrest: 3

Hot tub with digital control panel: Balboa System Control Panel

Hot tub with galvanised metal frame: Yes

Hot tub with insulating ABS base: Yes

Energy Saving Cover: Yes

Jets/Boquillas Inoxidable: Yes

Hot tub with filter: Cartridge

Woodermax cabinet: Optional

Hot tub waterfalls: 2

Clean Water (hot tub with ozonator): Yes