Indoor sauna range

indoor sauna from hypa spa
indoor sauna from hypa spa
indoor sauna from hypa spa

The Cambridge sauna is inspired by this architectural movement. Elegant panels, classy ornaments and processed glass give this sauna a Victorian appearance. The magnificence particularly comes into play in the classic setting of an alpine hotel or rustic house.

Both the interior and the exterior are made of hemlock wood. To carry on the Victorian style, these are finished with vintage frames and skirting boards. The benches, skirting boards and backrests are also made of hemlock and have rounded corners. To complete the picture, the door and the window are finished with a decorative element in the same style. Around the sauna stove, both the wall and the ceiling are made of natural stone board, Rock version. Three RGB glass luminaires have been incorporated into this to provide atmospheric lighting.
In this spacious sauna you will feel like a king thanks to this majestic finish.

  • Pre-fabricated sandwich type construction including non-decorative exterior cladding in chipboard
  • Outside (front and right side) and inside finish in hemlock vintage frames and skirting boards in hemlock wood 18x85mm
  • Benches, skirting, backrests with rounded edges and headrests in solid hemlock
  • Glass door and window in 8mm tempered etched glass with hinges and wooden handle
  • Control unit FCU4200
  • Sauna oven Bio MAX 9 KW 380V
  • LED strips beneath the benches and beneath the ceiling molding and 3 RGB glass rods to the ceiling incl. controller
  • Wall and ceiling around the sauna oven in natural stone board: Rock
  • Speaker with bluetooth connection