Mosaico Salt Cave

The Mosaico walls are made from assorted salt tiles that are selected one by one and laid in Trencadis style. This Catalan mosaic style, which is the idea behind this design, was frequently used by the Catalan modernism architects, including the world-famous architect Antoni Gaudi.

Optional: salt evaporator

  • Outside finish in OSB
  • Reinforced benches in extra wide Canadian red
  • cedar profiles 140x140mm
  • Glazed front wall in 8mm clear tempered glass incl. door 691mm wide with stainless steel / wooden D-handle
  • FCU4000 control unit
  • Sauna ovenAlpha PRO 9kW,380 V with oven protection grid in cedar
  • Salt Nebulizer for residential traditional and bio saunas for 5,3m3 fine non iodized salt to be used
  • LED starry sky: 105 starlights of 4mm incl. remote control
  • Bluetooth with 2 speakers
  • Extra charge for bespoke models