Outdoor Saunas

Outdoor sauna range

Eclipse Range

This cylindrical sauna is certainly the most striking of our outdoor saunas. The round shape looks particularly elegant on a terrace, in a garden or in front of an alpine chalet. The Eclipse possesses a fully isolated metal structure. The exterior has been covered in synthetic cement and can additionally be embellished with wood, copper or plaster. Inside the sauna is equipped with benches and a finish made of hemlock.

The back side has been completely covered in Himalaya salt stones so you can also enjoy a salt therapy. The glass front and LED lighting under the back rests create a very modern look while the wooden oven adds some traditional sauna atmosphere. The rounded design is not just aesthetic but also functional: The rounded walls help the sauna to better conserve energy. Since it’s not necessary to heat useless corners as in normal-shaped saunas, you will waste less energy overall.


  • Size (cm) -360 x 250 x 225
  • 3-9 Person
  • Exterior finished with waterproof plaster, optionally available with additional wood or copper finish.
  • Interior made of hemlock, including benches and back rests
  • Wooden oven or electrical oven 12 kW and wave.com4 control upon request
  • Seamless front made of light double glass including door with aluminium profile
  • Colour therapy, LED RGB behind back rests, including remote control
  • Colour therapy underneath benches including remote control
  • Back side covered with rough salt stones

Eclipse XL

  • Size (cm) – 480 x 350 x 266
  • 12-18 Person
  • Exterior covered in waterproof plaster, additional wood or copper finish optional
  • Interior made of hemlock
  • Benches and back rests made of abachi
  • Wood oven or electrical oven 30 kW
  • Glass front made of light triple glass incl. door with aluminium profile
  • Colour therapy, LEG RGB behind back rests, including remote control
  • Back side covered in rough salt stone with indirect lighting
  • Including head rests, thermometer and sauna set

Barrel Sauna (Infrared)


The Chaleur barrel infrared cabin is in a lovely view garden in Maarkedal/Belgium. Surrounded by greenery. With frosted bronze door (optional) for more privacy. Enjoy yourself in a warm oasis with views over the garden.


The Chaleur infrared barrel can be provided at extra cost with shingles or metal roof. Also, the roof at the front can be extended by 30cm (extra charge).

  • 3 Person
  • Cedar profiles 40x90mm
  • Benches, backrest, floor in cedar wood
  • Roof finished in EPDM foil and coconut matting
  • Glass door 1640x590mm in 8mm tinted tempered glass
  • Brown hinges, square door handles cambara
  • Alpha Adaptive Smart Control
  • IR Quartz heaters
  • Floor heating
  • Colour therapy: LED in wooden frame incl. remote control
  • Option led in side back rests & unose bench
  • Bluetooth connection incl. 2 speakers

Luxury Sauna

This exclusive luxurious outdoor model is truly the best in quality and design. The front wall, side walls and door consist entirely of seamless glass, thus you get a panoramic view. The sauna has a metal frame and a wooden structure. The exterior is finished with ayous profiles treated against humidity and temperature changes, the interior is finished with cedar wood. The curved benches and backrests have an ergonomic shape and are made from ayous. The flooring is laminate and the roof is from the inside insulated and coated with bitumen. Electric heater Herkules XL S120 18kW or 21kW, depending on model. An absolutely fantastic atmosphere created by the color therapy located beneath the benches.

Size (1) 252x222x245cm

Size (2) 302x248x245cm

  • Interior finish in original canadian red cedar wood
  • Interior finish in either hemlock or redceder timber
  • E heater Herkules XL S120 18kW or 21kW
  • Seamless wall in double clear glass incl.
    door in aluminum frame
  • Abachi ergonomic benches, two steps
  • Color Therapy among the benches, incl. remote control