Spas for those who always want more

The Premium range of Spas offers the bonus that some users always seek: better finishes, more features and the total quality of Aquavia Spa. The models in this family offer very high levels of performance and enhanced therapeutic properties, all combined in a modern and understated style. In all the Spas, each position has been strategically configured and each jet and each air injector carefully designed so that, in a complementary fashion, they offer a complete hydromassage circuit for any requirement. The Premium collection is designed for those who are looking for more than functionality and efficiency.


203x150x72 – 4 places

233 x 233 – 5 places

216 x 216 – 6 places

216 x 198 – 6 places

216 x 198 – 5 places

216 x 216 – 5 places