Quadrato Salt Cave

The Quadrato salt cave adds an extra dimension to the treatment; the square salt tiles are thoroughly lit up by the underlying RGB LED lighting. Therefore, this therapy, which can optionally be enhanced by a salt evaporator, is also a pleasant and healing wellness experience.

Optional: salt evaporator

  • Outside finish in OSB
  • Inside finish in rough salt bricks– 250 pieces
  • Reinforced benches in Canadian red cedar profiles 140x140mm
  • Ceiling finish in Canadian red cedar profiles 140x20mm
  • Glazed front wall in 8mm clear tempered glass incl. door 691mm wide with stainless steel / wooden D-handle
  • FCU4000 control unit
  • Sauna oven Alpha PRO 9kW, 380V
  • alt Nebulizer for residential traditional and bio saunas for 5,3m3 fine non iodized salt to be used
  • LED RGB indirect lighting behind the salt bricks
  • Bluetooth connection incl. 2 speakers
  • Extra charge for bespoke models