Tiled Experience Shower

Tiled experience shower

led lights in an experience shower
experience shower from hypa spa
experience shower from hypa spa

How about a Multi-Sensor Shower stall that creates a wonderful aroma, dense cold mist or a tropical downpour with the accompanying sounds of thunder and lightning, supported by appropriate colours that make you dream of exotic places? 

Would you prefer warm water jets with the sound of singing birds in the background, or the waves of the Atlantic Ocean crashing against the rocks on Tenerife? The choice is yours. Therapy that feels like a holiday! 

Tiled experience shower

  • Shower module in rigid foam boards EPS 100mm
  • Inside and outside walls coated and tiled in Ezarri mosaic incl. floor tiled in anti-slip mosaic tiles – 10 m²
  • Action Shower “Caribbean Storm” control unit for 3 shower cycles: warm aromatized Tropical Rain, warm side sprinklers, cold fog rain
  • Push button plate 4-fold: “Tropical Rain”, “Cold Mist”, “Spring Rain”, “Caribbean Storm”
  • Function plates with backlighting d800x100mm: illumination RGB set 6 x 48 IP65, 6 nozzle plates with 6 connections for nozzles
  • Two rain nozzles, two fog nozzles, two drizzle nozzles with covering screen
  • Sound module for action Shower incl. multimedia memory card with 256MB with waterproof loudspeaker.
  • Extra charge for bespoke models