Tiled spas

Domestic tiled spas provide the ultimate in private relaxation when creating a stunning wellness area in your home. Our tiled ranges are manufactured completely bespoke to suit your requirements.

An in ground tiled spa from hypa spa
All Tiled Spas have the following options ;
Type – Inground (Requires seperate equipment pack in plant room etc) or Portable (Equipment pack is built within the spa)
Construction – GRP (Fibreglass) 10-12mm in thickness   –   Barier layer of formulated resin to protect against Osmosis   –   Marine grade gel coat  
Frame – Stainless Steel
Insulation – High density 2 part foam 10mm in thickness
Water jets – 10, 18 or 30 Jet options
LED Lights – Standard
Tiles – 20-25mm Glass or Ceramic mosaics
Cover – 12mm heat retention foam cover
Air jets – Air ring to seat edge
1.9mtr ST Lucia
4-5 Persons
2.1mtr Round
4-5 persons
2.3mtr Antigua
5 Person
2.4mtr Round
5-6 Person
2.2mtr Square
6 Person
2.9mtr Ellipse
6 Person
1.6mtr Yin Yang
2 Person
An in ground tiled spa from hypa spa