Ultraviolet treatment

Ultraviolet Treatment

Say goodbye to the smell of chlorine and eye irritation in the hot tub

Ultraviolet Treatment minimises the use of chemicals for disinfecting the water and always keeps the water in the hot tub clear and transparent, as well as being fresh and healthy. It is a disinfection system based on UV technology that uses an ultraviolet light to destroy the bacteria and other germs present in the water.

Ultraviolet light (UV) is the safest disinfection method for people’s health and the environment. This frequency breaks down the chlorine and increases its effects, allowing you to reduce the amount used of this product by 80% and avoid using other chemicals against algae. To sum up:

  • It guarantees fresh, clean and clear water
  • An efficient and safe way of disinfecting the hot tub’s water
  • It fully protects the water from germs and mould
  • It reduces the use of chlorine and other products by up to 80%
  • It prevents the smell of chlorine and irritation to the skin and eyes
  • It is more environmentally friendly

So, Ultraviolet Treatment helps to cut the use of chemicals and reduce maintenance and prolongs the hot tub’s life.

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