Wood-Fire Spa

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Clever by nature

The fire in the wood-burning hot tub creates a vacuum effect causing the water to circulate naturally. The stove is cleverly integrated in order to pull in all the cold water through a lower channel, heat it and redistribute it through a second, upper channel to achieve an even temperature.

The most effective stove

The Regal wood-burning spa has a corrugated stove as well as a secondary chamber to transfer heat from the smoke. These help reduce wood consumption by 50% compared to traditional models. To maintain this efficiency, the stove self-cleans to prevent the build-up of tar.

Luxury Spas call for superior comfort

The integration of the stove between the wood cladding and the tub creates a pure, open bathing area that can fit in more people. The ergonomic shapes guarantee optimal comfort for hours on end in your luxury hot tub.

Equipment provided

Our Spas are built for long-lasting durability, standardly produced with the highest quality materials.

  • Circulation stove made of saltwater-resistant stainless steel
  • Ergonomic vat composed of 5-layer glass fiber reinforced plastic
  • Solid steel base for immediate use
  • Rust-proof flue made of fine-polished stainless steel
  • Eco-certified heat-treated wood
  • Stove door with window


Capacity5-7 pers8-10 pers
Diameter190 cm222 cm
Volume capacity1200 l1700 l
Seat depth65,5 cm64,5 cm
Weight165 kg195 kg

Choose your colour

Pearl White

Ocean Blue