After Journey Walk

Luxury experience shower range

experience shower from hypa spa
experience shower from hypa spa

Part of our Wellness zone, the After journey walk multi-sensory shower is a shower block measuring almost 5 meters long, where several showers follow each other. By integrating different techniques with showers that even include scents in one long shower block where you walk through, you get a very special experience. It is ideal after a sauna visit or infrared session. A nebulizer creates a cold mist effect, there is a shower with two side waterfalls, a tropical rain shower and jets, and aromatherapy along the entire length providing the perfect wellness environment.

The front panel is built from safety glass, while the back consists of decorative aluminium panels. The prints are adaptable to the project style and can be chosen in consultation with the interior designer. The floor consists of padauk tiles with a wood effect and the water tanks are made of stainless steel. Six infrared heaters provide a feeling of comfort while passing through the shower block.

  • Back wall in wood structure with printed glass panels and 3 x Infrared panels
  • Glass wall in Aluminum profile
  • Glazed front in 8mm tempered glass
  • Each infrared panel is made up of 6 infrared lamps Quartz Full Spectrum x 350 Watt. Total infrared power 6300 Watt
  • Roof in wood structure with Trespa plate
  • 4 ceiling elements (head showers) with nozzles for the water effects and 16 LED RGB spots for the illumination
  • Push button with automatic programme

Step 1– Infrared heating
  • Step 2 – Shower, Cold mist
  • Step 3 – Shower , Warm rain
  • Step 4 – Infrared heating
  • Step 5 – Shower , Cold waterfall
  • Step 6- Shower , Tropical Rain
  • Step 7– Infrared heating
  • Control box for programming steps time

The client to supply:

  • Floor constructed of impervious materials with a 1:100 fall to central trapped gullys, under each shower
  • Power supply, water supply and drain for showers

Luxury experience shower range