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All year round in the pool: exercise and quality of life

The swimspa is an absolutely groundbreaking concept, a fusion between wellness and fitness, between the usual activity of a hydromassage tub and a swimming pool or mini pool. The Swimspa models offered by Aquavia Spa are designed not only for counter-current swimming but also for other activities and physical exercises in the pool, popularly known as aqua gym. It is also a way to enjoy a real luxury: a swimming pool all year round. uk swim spa and pool

Portable, or with the option of being built into the ground or covered with any type of sports equipment, in gardens or on terraces, the Aquavia swimspa provides spectacular added value in terms of physical activity and health. It is an excellent investment for well-being and quality of life. uk swim spa and pool

Swim spas Wirral, Liverpool, Chester and North Wales

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Fitness swim spa - 400 x 230 - 4 person
Amazon swim spa - 500 x 230 - 3 person
dual swim spa hot tub aquavia hypa spa wellis my world of wellness hydropool
Dual Hot tub / Swim spa - 575x230x138 - 4 person

Swim spa in uk , Wirral, Cheshire, London, Manchester. Tiled spa, acrylic , stainless steel and wooden hot tub. All hot tubs in stock. Finance available on all spas. Wellness rooms, sauna, steam room, outdoor sauna, barrel. Heated loungers, showers, fitness , health.

In this year-round swimming pool, there is enough room to practise counter-current swimming, with 4 powerful water jets that let you swim non-stop throughout your workout or walk against the current. It has two stainless bars for support during aquatic fitness exercises and you can relax before or after in the lounger or two seats, or enjoy the vertical massage column on the side.

Swim spas Wirral, Liverpool, Chester and North Wales